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Laughing River Farm is 12 acres of steep forest and rocks and 3 acres of beautiful bottom land along the Ivy River in Mars Hill, NC. Most of the bottom land has been in certified organic production since 2001, though we are not currently certified. Now that we have retired, we spend our days outside in the dirt!

We offer our neighbors and the community a variety of heirloom and gourmet vegetables including asparagus, lettuces, chicory, fennel and leeks. We also offer Chinese and western medicinal and culinary herbs, honey, shiitake mushrooms, stunning flowers and organic high-omega 3 eggs. 

We grow everything using sustainable, organic practices, our goal being to achieve a balanced ecosystem in which plants, insects, fungi and microorganisms nurture each other and the earth to create healthy soil and healthful food. We follow an integrated pest management approach and use amendments approved for organic production only.

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Thank you for visiting our page and hope to see you out at the farm!  - Barry and Sarah

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